Strong reimbursement model!

Monetize our simple, yet effective Cardio Screening & Increase Practice Revenue with the FDA-approved, Meridian Digital Pulsewave Analyzer.

  • Can provide $100,000+ in additional yearly revenue and faster billing approval at higher rates.
  • Compliance with Health Screening and Preventative Care requirements.

The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer can perform 2 Non-Invasive Tests and store all patients and all testing history in its database.

  • 1 Minute Non-Invasive test for Arterial Status & Blood Circulation.
  • 5 Minute Non-Invasive test for Autonomic Nervous System & Stress Levels Assessment.


Provide Early Cardiovascular Diagnosis!

Identify your patients who have unknown heart or arterial conditions, many which show no symptoms and may be totally unaware of potential health or life threatening issues. Many times, a heart attack or stroke are the first and only symptom.

30% of your patients (on average) may present unknown arterial issues or autonomic imbalances upon testing. A proper digital pulsewave analysis will provide early detection of atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, peripheral arterial disease and those at risk of heart disease and stroke.


Prove Medical Necessity and provide additional testing!

Prove the medical necessity for upper level tests such as Calcium Scores, Resting Echo and Carotid Ultrasound among others.

Preventive Care


With 6 years of Preventative Care regulations implemented, most insurance plans now cover valid preventative diagnostic testing at 100%. Early Diagnosis, Effective Treatment planning & Follow ups are most beneficial in early stages.

Healthcare Practitioners that offer high quality screening, Save Lives. Monetizing Preventative Care makes it viable & a vital part of today’s Health Care. Take the advantage of having more patient insight by incorporating the Digital Pulsewave Analyzer to your practice today with our Full Training package.

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We know that as a health professional there's nothing more important than offering a good quality of life for your patients. This is why we offer the best solution to improve your medical practice, get more patients and increase your income through our medical technology solutions.
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The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer (DPA) is a reliable prevention tool, with a fast and non-invasive clinical test that allows measuring vascular status in real-time.

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