The Digital Pulse Wave Analyzer, A Health Professional's Technological Colleague

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Are you looking for a simple and painless way to assess a client's overall physiological vascular health?   What if there was an easy-to-use client testing device that can pre-screen and acquire vital information that contributes to reducing their risk of cardiac disease? You need not look further!

The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer (DPA) is a comprehensive, user-friendly, non-invasive, FDA approved technological device that acquires and measures pulse wave and heart rate parameters specific to artery health with a simple 1 minute test. Arterial stiffness has been correlated in studies to pulse wave shape.

A Plethysmogram (PTG) waveform requires less than a minute to test by the DPA. The shape of the pulse wave is in part relative to artery elasticity.  Analysis of the shape of the pulse wave curve and the measurement of its of upward and downward peak heights give insight into loss of normal elasticity relating to age and certain health concerns. A second derived pulse waveform Accelerated Plethysmograph (APG) waveform can also provide a better indicator of arterial aging.

You can evaluate a patient through a comparison of their biological age to their vascular age which is related to arterial wall stiffness, checking the pulse rate, and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tested beat by beat, which can also relate to autonomic nervous system balance and resilience (the body's ability adjust to stress).  A lowered HRV value in patients has been found indicative of increased mortality.  The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer can be useful to facilitate in critical situations following assessment to the referral of a client to a specialist for further more in-depth testing when health concerns necessitate.

To you, as a healthcare professional who is dedicated to offering healthy alternatives and utilizing alternate treatments such as lifestyle changes, exercise, diet, and nutritional supplementation.  The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer (DPA) is a useful tool to encourage and increase compliance in healthy lifestyle practices and reduction of cardiovascular risk factors among your patients with subsequent testing showing the results of their effort.   Early detection and disease prevention is becoming the new principle of healthcare instead of promoting the use of costly drug therapies that often come with other unpleasant or distressing side effects making the "cure" or treatment sometimes worse than the disease.

The DPA's use of a non-invasive fingertip probe effectively monitors pulse rate and detects changes in pressure, blood flow, velocity, and heart rate in a patient at rest either lying down or sitting with both feet resting flat on the floor. The probe is maintained at heart level. An infrared LED light is transmitted through the index finger and absorbed by hemoglobin with residual light being collected by the photodiode on the other side forming the PTG waveform.  Arterial blood volume changes and vascular resistance information is derived this way as well as other desired criteria.

The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer's (DPA) fully incorporated design (LCD screen, comprehensive display, fingertip probe, and built-in thermal printer) ensures lightweight portability.  It provides immediate set-up and client testing with a detailed printed report for evaluation following a client's test. The DPA is easily interfaced with a computer to store and catalog client history maintaining a record for post-assessment and follow-up on the efficacy of client treatment protocols.  Included software programs store all patient information and specialized PC software measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analyzing perceived stress responses in relation to time and frequency.

The Digital Pulse wave Analyzer (DPA) as a stand-alone device excels in the amount of information it visually details and correlates to provide an easy to interpret printed report. It has been found in studies to be both accurate and effective in its testing of required parameters while displaying data in a concise format.

Other pulse wave devices such as the  Max Pulse Analyzer or Cardio Pulse require interfacing with additional external devices (laptop and printer) to provide visual context and printed evaluations, increasing set-up time for use outside the clinic setting.  Information obtained from these devices are not as detailed. Client testing for these devices is also longer ranging from 3 to 5 minutes.

The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer (DPA) tests and displays these crucial parameters:

  • Heart (Pulse) Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Ejection time (Etc) - relating data is within normal range or the amount of deviation
  • Pulse Height (PH) - Pulse amplitude
  • Ejection Elastic Index (EEI) - relating to Left Ventricle ejection and elasticity of large arteries.
  • Dicrotic Dilation Index (DDI) - relating to small artery compliance
  • Dicrotic Elastic Index (DEI) - smaller peripheral vessel elasticity (arterioles to veins)