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Medical Device

Have you ever wondered how your medical practice could be improved while enhancing your patient’s quality of life? At Pulse Wave Technologies we can help you with that.

Pulse Wave Technologies helps health professionals like yourself deliver quality treatment to patients. We do this through the use of our medical technology that makes it easier for you to measure, diagnose and follow up on your patient’s progress, thus improving their quality of life and your medical practice.

One such piece of technology is the Digital Pulsewave Analyzer or DPA. A powerful diagnostics tool that allows health professionals to screen a wide range of information regarding cardiovascular physiology in real time. It also creates an easy to access database for every patient and that information can even be printed or sent via email.

With its wide range of measurements, the DPA enables practitioners to gather highly valuable information:

  • Arterial health status

  • Autonomic regulatory system status

  • Overall physiological functionality.

  • The possibility to detect patient stress levels before, during, and after any treatment

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world, and oftentimes clinical signs appear when it's too late. The DPA can help you identify problems before any symptoms or clinical signs appear. Making this a potential life-saver for your patients with a simple non-invasive test that takes just minutes to perform in the laboratory report during the same visit.

Our products deliver an effective and economical alternative that results in a top quality service that is reflected in an increasing number of satisfied patients. At Pulse Wave Technologies, we go for prevention before intervention.

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