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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

• Which version of the guides should I download?

Most Microsoft Office installations are 32 bit installations, which is independent of your Windows installation. In most cases, download the 32 bit version.

Note: Your Excel version is NOT the same as your version of Windows.

• What do I do if the file doesn't run because of an error?

There are 2 very common errors depending on your version of Excel.

If you get an error saying "a 32-bit version of Excel is required", then download the 2nd option (the 64 bit version).

If the error reads "a 64-bit version of Excel is required", please download the 32 bit version instead.

32 bit error

Please run the 32 bit version instead.

64 bit error

Download the 64 bit version instead.

• What version of Excel do I need?

Microsoft Excel (2010 or newer) is required to run the Interpretive Guides.

If you have an older version, please contact us to resolve it.

• What if I don't own Excel?

We use Excel because of its ease of use and ubiquity in offices and clinics. Any new DPA customers will receive a laptop with Microsoft Office 365 pre-installed and a 1 year license so they needn't worry!

• Why haven't I received my link via email?

Please check your Junk email (or Spam) folder if you don't receive your download link within an hour of requesting the file.

You can try to request an email again, and check that you entered your email correctly as that is where the link will be sent to.