Authorized Meridian DPA Dealer

Non-Invasive Preventative Testing

The Meridian DPA can provide a snapshot of your overall cardiovascular health without needles and no pain. Using a non-invasive finger probe and a one minute test, Meridian's compact machine and patented technology with FDA approval can help you gain insight on a patient's health and keep track of changes.

Pulse Wave Technologies is Meridian's authorized DPA dealer, who offers unique solutions you cannot find anywhere else including video training and tech support.

Advanced Video Training Series

We have created an advanced video training series to teach you the ins and outs of the machines, troubleshooting, proper handling, preparations for testing and tips on little-known functions.

Tech Support

If time is of the essence when it comes to solving problems, we offer personalized online tech support to connect directly to your computer so we can find the root of your problems and find a solution. See why we're the go-to option for support!

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